You need to try these 10 Essential Oils for Blood Pressure Regulation

Updated on February 10th, 2020
essential oils high blood-pressure management

Are you tired of taking high blood pressure medications to keep your blood pressure under control? While several healthcare experts make you believe that blood pressure is a permanent ailment that you are doomed to suffer for the rest of your life. Well, there is indeed a permanent solution, i.e. essential oils for high blood pressure that work naturally to cure the disease of its core.

Essential oils are becoming famous nowadays and are used for cooking or as a fragrant or various other medicinal purposes, and now they are even being used in the blood pressure controlling plan.

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Meaning, symptoms, and causes

High blood pressure is a condition which occurs when the blood pressure is higher than the average level. When the heart pushes blood out or in it must apply some force or pressure. Two types of pressure exist when the heart is pushing the blood and the second type is when the heart is resting momentarily.

The first type is called the Systolic blood pressure and the second one is called the diastolic blood pressure. When the pressure of blood in the arteries increases and if the heart cannot tolerate this pressure, the walls distort, and this causes the blood pressure to rise.


The symptoms of high blood pressure are

  • Dull headaches
  • Dizzy spells
  • Nosebleeds
  • Severe anxiety
  • Chest pain
  • Vision changes
  • Shortness of breath


Several reasons can lead to high blood pressure like

  • High-salt diet
  • High Fat Consumption
  • Emotional stress
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Birth control pills
  • Heavy-metal poisoning

What Essential Oils are good for High Blood Pressure?

Essential Oils are natural products that come from the various parts of plants and herbs. They contain excellent medicinal properties that offer long-lasting and practical solutions for many problems(1).

Essential Oils work at the cause of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure rather than just suppressing the symptoms. By including essential oils into your lifestyle, you can successfully manage your high blood pressure levels. Essential Oils work on multiple levels to lower the blood pressure, by reducing the emotional stress, dilating the arteries and working as potent antioxidants.

How to use Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure?

 Here is a list of the various essential oils that work exceptionally well to control the problem of high blood pressure.

1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure

ylang ylang essential oil for high blood pressure

The appropriate dose of ylang-ylang oil depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions.

Why one should use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

Ylang Ylang essential oil helps decrease the levels of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” and thus lower the high blood pressure and dizziness. It works wonderfully to reduce the blood pressure and the stress level. When taken regularly it works wonders to reduce the blood pressure.

How to use Ylang Ylang essential oil for Blood Pressure?

  • It can be applied directly or can be used in a diffuser.
  • Its aroma is a crucial operator so that it can be inhaled as well after soaked on a cotton swab or a handkerchief.
  • It is also applied directly to the skin.

2. Yarrow Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure

yarrow essential oils

It is one of the best-proven oil for blood circulation. All parts of the yarrow plant can be used to make oil except the root. It belongs to the daisy family. It is also called “green arrow”.

Why one should use Yarrow Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

This wondrous essential oil tends to improve blood circulation in the body. Thus those who are tormented from high blood pressure and the threat of cardiac arrest always looms over them must try this miraculous oil.

Yarrow essential oil alleviates the risk of complications arising due to high blood pressure as it normalizes the blood pressure level.

How to use Yarrow Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

  • It is usable after mixing with a carrier oil in the diffuser.
  • A few drops can be mixed with warm water and ingested directly.

3. Valerian Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure

Valerian essential oil may have powerful calming effects on the nervous system, which can lower blood pressure.

Why one should use Valerian Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure?

Valerian essential oil is among the most sought-after essential oil as it plays a major role in tackling root problems arising due to high blood pressure. This high-quality oil is jam-packed with relaxing aromatic scent that makes you tranquil.

The serene sense of easiness it brings about helps to mitigate those problems which arise due to high blood pressure.

How to use Valerian Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

  • It is directly applicable to the skin.
  • Take a few drops of the oil in your hands.
  • Now, gently massage over your head and feet.

 4. Clary Sage Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure

Clary sage essential oil(2) can reduce anxiety and decrease the heart rate. It is a proven cure for lowering high blood pressure.

Why one should use Clary Sage Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure?

Clary sage essential oil has been shown to reduce both high systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respiratory rates during aromatherapy. Clary sage is an excellent essential oil to use in situations where patients do not necessarily need to feel relaxed but must have their blood pressure lowered.

Clary sage essential oil decreases stress and symptoms of depression as well. That has been proven in scientific studies. It can cure stomach, digestive problem. It can also be helpful in kidney disorders.

How to use Clary Sage Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

  • It can be directly inhaled and is also usable with a diffuser.
  • It may alternatively be soaked in by a cotton ball if the diffuser is not available.

5. Lemon Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure

lemon-essential-oil-for-high blood pressure management

It can be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and thus eventually reducing the heart rate. It can also cure Kidney stones.

Why one should use Lemon Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure?

There is some evidence that drinking 2 liters of lemonade throughout the day can significantly raise citrate levels in the urine. Using Lemon to treat High blood pressure headache is an easy way to cure the side effects of high blood pressure.

How to use Lemon Essential Oil for High Blood Pressure?

  • Like other oils, it can also be used by diffuser for inhalation.
  • You can also use it for massage over the body.
  • You can mix a few drops of the oil in warm water and drink it.

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6. Lavender essential oil For High Blood Pressure

essential oil for high blood pressure management

Lavender essential oil reduces the anxiety and heart rate. The scent of lavender oil can slow down the nervous system to promote relaxation.

Why one should use Lavender essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

Lavender essential oil causes the calming down the body and mind. It can give instant relief, can suppress pain and make the patient feel calmer and relaxed. It helps to cure insomnia, high blood pressure, and dizziness.

Lavender helps in reducing anxiety and treat restlessness, insomnia, depression, headache, and pain. It also helps in curing depression.

How to use Lavender essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

  • Two or three drops may be rubbed against the neck and throat to give the muscle relaxation.
  • Its scent can be diffused in the surroundings of the patient. One can also add it to the water while bathing.

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7. Cedarwood essential oil For High Blood Pressure

cedarwood essential oil for high BP

It is known that cedarwood essential oil(3) temporarily decreases the heart rate

Why one should use Cedarwood essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

Cedarwood essential oil comes in handy as it relaxes you to your very core. This oil plays a dominant role in making you relaxed and stress free thereby keeping a check on your blood pressure levels.

The profound relaxation which it induces makes it a strong contender to other medical prescriptions which usually associate certain risks with them.

How to use Cedarwood essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

It should be rubbed directly on the throat, neck.

  • It may also be applied on the skin to keep the insects away.
  • It is also usable with a diffuser.
  • One may also add it to the water while bathing.

8. Frankincense oil For High Blood Pressure

frankincense essential oil for high blood pressure

Frankincense essential oil regulates the heart and reduces stress. It works wonders for the patients with high blood pressure.

Why one should use Frankincense oil For High Blood Pressure?

Frankincense essential oil dramatically boosts up the energy level, and it significantly influences the nervous system and high systolic blood pressure. Whether it is lethargy, low energy, anxiety problem this oil is a good solution.

Rich in sesquiterpenes, molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier, frankincense essential oil can help alleviate the unpleasant effects of both anxiety and depression and aid in boosting energy.

How to use Frankincense oil For High Blood Pressure?

It can be applied on the forehead to give instant relief.

  • Also, one can rub it on the wrist, below foot or on the neck, throat. Diffuser or the cotton swabs can be used too for inhalation of the aroma.

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9. Sweet marjoram essential oil For High Blood Pressure

Sweet marjoram is used to treat high blood pressure and diabetes. It dilates the nerves and eventually reducing hypertension. Hence, it will also reduce the chance of heart failure.

Why one should use sweet marjoram essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

It may prevent someone from suffering a heart attack. While this is a lesser known essential oil, it is famous as the best traditional Moroccan medicine to treat hypertension for many years naturally. It also reduces stress. It can also help in active support, hormonal support, brain support, and relief from muscular aches.

How to use Sweet marjoram essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

  • Take a few drops of the oil in your hands and rub them together
  • Now rub it directly on the throat and neck.

10. Bergamot essential oil For High Blood Pressure

Bergamot essential oil lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. Its aroma relaxes the muscles and senses of the patient thus making him instantly boosted up.

Why one should use Bergamot essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

The fame of this oil is growing leaps and bounds as more and more people are realizing its important role in curbing high blood pressure and assuaging the risks arising thereof. This oil has a calming effect on your mind and is known to improve your mood and lessen anxiety when under tremendous pressure or stressful situation.

 How to use Bergamot essential oil For High Blood Pressure?

Boil it with water and inhale the scent. It can be mixed with food, e.g. in puddings, etc. It should be inhaled for 15 to 60 minutes.

Precautions and Safe limits of blood pressure

Systolic pressure should be between 120 to 129 mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure should be between 80 to 90 mmHg. Usually, 120/80 is considered as the ideal blood pressure, that means the typical systolic pressure is 120 mmHg, the average diastolic pressure is 80 mmHg.

Use only those essential oils that have no adverse effects on your skin. You may ask your healthcare expert before applying any essential oil if you have diabetes with high blood pressure.

Natural remedies/blends 

Specific natural remedies/blends are very helpful in addition to high blood pressure medications. Some of them are listed below-

Practice Yoga

Yoga is the best natural way to lower down the blood pressure if you have diabetes and high blood pressure. These few yoga exercises will undoubtedly aid in making you fit and beautiful and high blood pressure free.

Lower Sodium Intake in your diet

Sodium plays a crucial role in the surge of blood pressure in the body. If it is bogged down to a reasonably low level, you will soon notice that your high blood pressure headache has been cured.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a severe problem. If left untreated, it may go worse and may lead to a heart attack. It should be taken care of as it is not a permanent disease for the lifetime. So, using essential oils for blood pressure, taking a proper diet and following appropriate guidelines from your healthcare expert will surely help in managing blood pressure.

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 Q: Is blood pressure a serious problem?

A: If untreated high blood pressure and diabetes may lead to heart attacks, Arterial damage, Aneurysm, Heart failure, Blocked or ruptured blood vessels, reduced kidney function, Vision loss.

Q: Should there be a gap between food and measuring the blood pressure?

A: Yes there should be at least thirty minutes gap between them. Even between exercise and blood pressure measurement, there should be a gap of thirty minutes.

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