10 Incredible Essential Oil for Babies that you Must Try

Updated on February 7th, 2020
essential oil for babies

Essential oils have been a part of history for time immemorial for the remedies of human ailments. It continues to possess a significant portion of the panacea industry to try and help people with physical or mental distress.

The mention of essential oils is even found in Greek Mythology and ancient Egyptian pyramid accounts. The world is not only continuing its use in the 21st century but also further studies are being conducted to discover more naturally occurring oils and their applications.

What Essential Oils are safe for Babies

Essential oils are not suitable for babies who are below three months of age, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians agrees on that. Some studies have proved essential oil to be beneficiary for children, and there is only very little evidence about how these oils can affect them.

So, it is always suggested to consult a health care expert before using them instead of taking risks. Essential oils have been found to calm irritation in babies and help them in their sleep, digestion, and growth.

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How to use essential oils for babies

Essential oils for babies should not be used directly on the skin. It should always be mixed with other carrier oils like grapefruit or olive oil and then applied for massaging. Small quantities of essential oils can also be added in a diffuser for the baby to be a part of a light inhalation process. Babies should not be made to consume it internally or swallow them. Avoid using on sensitive areas.

1. Dill Oil for Babies

dill oil for babies

Why one should use dill oil for babies

The dill oil is known for its calming properties and antispasmodic properties. It can cure indigestion and other intestinal problems for the baby.

How to use dill oil for babies

  • Clean the skin of the baby
  • Add water to dill oil to dilute it
  • Now massage gently

2. Lavender Oil for Babies

Why one should use lavender oil for babies

Lavender is a part of a group of European plants of the mint family. The benefits of lavender oil were discovered 2,500 years ago, and since then it has one the most popular essential oils because of its antibacterial, antioxidant, calming and anti-depressive properties.

Recent studies have found that lavender has the power to lessen the effects of colic. More studies were conducted, and it was concluded that it also helps in reducing pain and result in a lower heart rate in babies.

It has also been used successfully to ease acid reflux in babies. Lavender oil is also considered a favorite among teething babies for its abilities in soothing and calming babies.

How to use lavender oil for babies

  • Get a diffuser
  • Add water
  • Add just two drops of this oil and turn on the diffuser
  • Use it during babies sleep

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3. Mandarin Oil for Babies

mandarin oil for babies

Why one should use mandarin oil for babies

The mandarin oil is a citrus oil that is known for various healing properties. It has calming effects that could make the babies fall asleep faster. It has properties similar to lavender. The oil also has a sweet smell without causing irritation.

How to use mandarin oil for babies

  • Dilute mandarin oil with water.
  • Massage gently on the skin of the baby.

4. Tea tree Oil for Babies

Why one should use tea tree oil for babies

Tea tree oil(1) is the jack of all trades and the master in most of the fields. It is not only inexpensive, but it is also used as an antiseptic, a promoter of hair growth and even as a treatment for sinus and cold. Tea tree oil includes various compounds like terpinene-4-or that have previously been tested to render virus, fungi, and bacteria inoperative. It helps babies in congestion and prevents them from cold and flu. Tea tree oil is best to cure to treat eczema in babies and helps babies suffering from toxin accumulation in their body.

How to use tea tree oil for babies

  • Take a few drops of this oil
  • Take a few drops of coconut oil
  • Mix them
  • Massage the baby’s body gently with it.

5. Sunflower Oil for Babies

sunflower oil for babies

Why one should use sunflower oil for babies

Apart from using sunflower oil for cooking purposes, the oil also has many benefits like other essential oils. It has linoleic acid which helps in better hydration. It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin, as using this oil can prevent eczema, damaged skin, dehydrated skin and other problems.

How to use sunflower oil for babies

  • Warm the oil
  • Massage for 20 -30 minutes on the baby

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6. Tangerine Oil for Babies

tangerine oil for babies

Why one should use tangerine oil for babies

The tangerine oil is renowned as a digestive aid amongst baby oils. It can help in curing digestive problems. It is having antispasmodic and relaxing properties. It is suitable for babies who are more than six months old.

How to use tangerine oil for babies

  • Take a few drops in your palms and massage gently all over the body.
  • Follow this routine daily.

7. Peppermint Oil for Babies

Why one should use peppermint oil for babies

Through specific reports presented by the USDA human nutrition research center, peppermint oil has been proved to contain antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Peppermint oil has been mentioned in the Greek mythology and ancient Egyptian pyramids.

This oil relieves one from itchiness, cold and flu. Peppermint oil also calms the muscles present in the stomach and helps the proper flow of gas thereby relieving the babies from bloating.

How to use peppermint oil for babies

  • Take a cup of water
  • Add ten drops of this oil
  • Mix it
  • Massage with it daily

8. Eucalyptus Oil for Babies

eucalyptus oil for babies

Why one should use eucalyptus oil for babies

The oil of eucalyptus(2) comes from the leaves of the evergreen leaves of the eucalyptus tree. This essential oil is a clear liquid with a typical smell and taste. Eucalyptus was initially found in Australia, but with its growing popularity, its market has expanded to various parts of the world. Apart from being a natural insect repellent, muscle ache soothes, it is a natural medicine for curing respiratory congestion.

How to use eucalyptus oil for babies

  • Take a clean cotton ball
  • Soak it in this oil
  • Place the cotton ball in the room’s corner

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9. Neroli Oil for Babies

Why one should use neroli oil for babies

The neroli oil is recommended widely as it is known to stabilize and enhance baby’s mood. It also has antispasmodic properties which makes it a great digestive tonic for ingestion and other related problems.

How to use neroli oil for babies

  • Bathe the baby
  • Use this oil for massaging
  • Massage all over the body with gentle hands

10. Chamomile Oil for Babies

chamomile oil for babies

Why one should use chamomile oil for babies

German and Roman chamomile oil is known for its calming and sedative properties. It can help babies sleep. It makes sleep deprived babies feel more patient and peaceful. A blend of chamomile oil and lavender oil can also cure colic.

How to use chamomile oil for babies

  • Get a diffuser
  • Add some water to it
  • Take 2 – 3 drops of oil
  • Turn on the diffuser
  • Repeat this daily

Other oils for babies

Here are some other important oils in addition to essential oils for babies, which offer excellent results:

1. Coconut Oil for Babies

Why one should use coconut oil for babies

Coconut oil is a great inexpensive alternative for all the artificial and store-bought baby products. It has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties in it.  It is essential for the patient to use pure or virgin coconut oil and not the hydrogenated form of the coconut oil because the latter contains many other chemical compositions which might have adverse effects. Although coconut oil is not a pure essential oil, it is believed to possess many nutrients and health beneficiary elements which help in the welfare of the immune system by combating infections.

How to use coconut oil for babies

  • Clean the skin of the baby
  • Directly apply this oil using your fingertips
  • Now massage gently

2. Cod Liver Oil for Babies

Why one should use cod liver oil for babies

Cod liver oil is a nutrient-packed essential oil extracted from various organs of the codfish in the genus Gadus. It contains vast amounts of vitamin a, vitamin d, and omega-3 fatty acids. It has been a part of traditional folklore for a long time and helps in the prevention of rickets which is a bone condition caused in children by the lack of vitamin D. It helps in preventing the type 1 diabetes in children. It also saves the child from cold and flu.

How to use cod liver oil for babies

  • Take a spoonful of honey
  • Add five drops of cod liver oil
  • And feed the baby with the mix of these two

3. Castor Oil for Babies       

Why one should use castor oil for babies

Castor oil is a pale-yellow oil extracted from the castor plant generally used as an industrial lubricant and as a laxative. Castor oil has been used as an age-old formula to enhance the skin‘s well-being. The interaction of castor oil with the body cells helps in catalyzing and better working of the lymphatic system which is a drainage system known for its capability to drain excess and unwanted fluids from the body. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which leads to intestinal contraction helping the baby to get relief from chronic constipation.

How to use castor oil for babies

  • Just pour a few drops of this oil
  • Massage for 20– 30 minutes

4. Mineral Oil for Babies

Why one should use mineral oil for babies

Mineral oil is a hydrocarbon made from distilled petroleum. Children who are below six years are not recommended to use them. Overconsumption of mineral oil can result in respiratory problems. This common laxative forms a layer on the surface of the intestines and prevents water absorption. It also has the power to treat dry skin in babies.

How to use mineral oil for babies

  • Use this oil as after bath massaging oil.
  • Take a few drops in your palms and massage gently all over the body.
  • Follow this routine daily.

5. Mustard Oil for Babies

Why one should use mustard oil for babies

Mustard oil(3) comes from mustard seeds, and it popular in Asia as cooking oil. It is dark yellow or golden and possesses a distinct and strong smell. Its antibacterial properties and quality of keeping the body warm prevent the child from getting cold and flues. It is also useful for providing relief from asthma. It also fights dry skin and promotes hair growth.

How to use mustard oil for babies

  • Bathe the baby
  • Use this oil for massaging
  • Massage all over the body with gentle hands

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Risks and precaution:

Even though essential oils are known to be of great advantage for babies, the Essential oils for babies should be used with precaution and care.

  • During pregnancy, the use of essential oils for babies should be regulated as much as possible as it is also evident to cross the placenta and reach the baby.
  • Only those babies more than three months old must use essential oils.
  • Ingestion of these oils must be avoided as it can be poisonous, leading to stomach pain, vomiting or respiratory problems.
  • Always blend the oil with other carrier oils to make it diluted.
  • Make sure to check if the baby is facing any breathing problems even when the essential oil is added to a diffuser.

Home remedies for babies

In addition to the essential oils for babies described above, there are various useful home remedies for babies that are significant. Following are the best home remedies for babies: –

  • Honey and Ginger: If the bay is facing any nasal or chest congestion or a cough or the common cold, the combination of ginger and honey works wonders. Mix a few drops of honey and ginger juice and feed it to the baby. Significant improvement is seen in a few days.
  • Steam: If your baby is suffering from stuffy nose then make them breathe in steam vapours, twice every day for quick relief. You can add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil also to the water.
  • Lemon and Honey: Prepare a healthy lemonade by adding a few drops of honey in a glass of water and one spoon lime juice. This drink helps boost their immunity significantly.

Babies are sensitive little individuals who need more care and attention than an average aged human being. Essential oils for babies, therefore like any other commodity have their positive and negative sides. New and advanced research is being published which tell us more about their effects and their uses. If used correctly and minimum amounts, essential oils can make our physical, mental and emotional lives better. It is necessary for adults to check for any reactions closely.


1. Are essential oils safe for babies?

Many essential oils are safe for babies if used carefully and adequate amounts. It is necessary to consult an expert and research a lot about the essential oils before using them in both babies and adults. It is safe to know the positive and negative sides of it.

2. Which essential oils should be avoided around babies?

Some essential oils that should be avoided around babies are as follows:

  1. Angelica oil
  2. Atlas Cedarwood oil
  3. Juniper oil
  4. Cinnamon oil
  5. Black Pepper oil
  6. Patchouli oil
  7. Lemon oil
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