Constipated? Try This Secret Remedy (Epsom Salt) for Instant Relief

Updated on December 18th, 2019

We Know that with the changing lifestyle, extreme work pressure, and long hours of work you are forced to indulge in fast food and dine in restaurants more often than having the clean and simple food cooked at home. Most people won’t admit, and around 90% people are affected by constipation at some point in their lives. Are you wondering on how to treat constipation? Well! Epsom salt is an effective natural home remedy that solves the causes and symptoms of constipation. Read on.

Epsom Salt for constipation

  1. Epsom salt and lemon juice
  2. Epsom salt bath
  3. Epsom salt and Aloe Vera
  4. Epsom salt and orange juice
  5. Epsom salt laxative

How does constipation occur?

Constipation generally occurs when a large amount of water is absorbed from the food and makes the digested food challenging to pass through the digestive tract and colon and eventually makes it difficult to expel. It happens due to several reasons, and one of the majors is the dehydration caused when an excess of water gets absorbed from the stool and physical inactivity.

What are the causes of constipation?

There are several factors for constipation. Some of them are listed below.

  • The absence of fiber in food
  • Aging and physically inactive
  • Change in daily routine
  • Insufficient water intake and overtaking laxatives
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

About Epsom salt for constipation

Epsom salt has a wide variety of health benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiaging, and antiseptic properties. Epsom also possesses reported health benefits that provide magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, helps with constipation, reduce swelling and pain, and promotes stress reduction and sleep. If you are thinking on how to get rid of constipation, then Epsom salt for constipation(1) will give you the best results on it.

Which type of Epsom salt serves the best to fight and cure constipation?

All Epsom salt contains the naturally occurring minerals of sulfate and magnesium. There is no specific type of Epsom salt, and chemically all are same. But there are different ways of manufacturing and packaging Epsom salt.

How does Epsom salt function to treat constipation?

The sulfates in Epsom salt helps to reduce toxins and flush toxins from the cells and eases muscle pain. Epsom salt acts as a detoxifying agent for colon cleansing. Numerous researches have also revealed that Epsom salt can be used to treat constipation. Epsom salt acts as a laxative by increasing water in the intestines and eventually bring temporary relief from symptoms of constipation. The natural properties of Epsom salt relax your gout and soften the stool as you absorb magnesium through your skin. Eventually, it helps to produce bowel movement and relieves you from constipation.

How to imply Epsom salt for constipation?

There are several DIY natural remedies and treatments of Epsom salt for constipation. Read on to discover the wonderful natural solutions to get rid of constipation.

1.Epsom salt and lemon juice

Epsom salt and lemon juice

How to use?

  • Take two teaspoons of Epsom salt and a fresh lime juice
  • Add the lime juice into a glass containing half a cup of water
  • Add the Epsom salt to the glass and stir well
  • Consume the Epsom salt water juice whenever you get stomach cramps


  • Use only half a teaspoon of Epsom salt for little ones

Benefits of Epsom salt and lemon juice:

You all know that lemon juice has a wide variety of health benefits. Lemon juice promotes hydration, and it is a good source of vitamin C. The rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties helps to protect cells from damaging free radicals. The lemon juice with Epsom salt aids digestion and helps to prevent constipation.

In addition to the vast benefits of lemon juice, Epsom salt assists in the elimination of harmful toxins and waste products from the digestive system and the body. It is advisable to take hot lemon water with Epsom salt for constipation after you wake up as it may act wondrously and get your digestive system moving well.

2. Epsom salt bath:

Epsom salt bath

How to use?

  • Add 4-6 tablespoons of Epsom salt to the tub of hot water
  • Add two drops of lavender essential oil
  • Relax in the bathtub for 15-20 minutes
  • Do it twice or thrice a week for curing constipation

Benefits of Epsom salt bath:

Epsom salt eases your body and relieves stress. While taking Epsom salt bath, the skin readily absorbs magnesium and restores the electrolytic balance in the cells. This electrolyte balance has a direct effect on your hormones, muscles, and brain. The body uses magnesium to manage hundreds of enzymes and plays a crucial role in many bodily processes.

The lavender essential oil presence is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are useful for treating restlessness, depression, and anxiety caused by constipation. Lavender oil is said to be helpful for digestive problems such as gas, stomach pain, and constipation. Taking Epsom salt baths with lavender essential oil can have a significant impact on relieving constipation.

3. Epsom salt and Aloe Vera:

Epsom salt and Aloe Vera

How to use?

  • Take two tablespoons of fresh Aloe Vera gel by extracting from the plant’s leaf and a cup of water
  • Add the Aloe Vera gel and two teaspoons of Epsom salt to the glass water
  • Stir the mixture well and drink it
  • Repeat this after few hours if there is still no relief

Benefits of Epsom salt and Aloe Vera:

Generally, Aloe Vera is a rich anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and a rich source of antioxidants. Aloe Vera juice taken internally has a soothing effect, and the juice with aloe latex contains anthraquinones and natural laxatives which further help with constipation. Many studies have suggested that Aloe Vera enhances digestion and get the bowels moving. Aloe Vera with Epsom salt for constipation gets considered as a lubricant laxative for curing constipation.

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4. Epsom salt and orange juice:

Epsom salt and orange juice

How to use?

  • You need 1/2 a cup of prune juice and 1/2 a cup of orange juice with pulp
  • Combine the two liquids
  • Add one teaspoon of Epsom salt to the juice and drink it
  • If required, drink it after 4-5 hours if there is still no relief from constipation

Benefits of Epsom salt and orange juice:

Are you even thinking about which is the easiest and tastiest remedy for constipation? Here we go. This delicious and beneficial juice is full of fiber content that plays a crucial role in facilitating the bowel movement. Generally, oranges are rich are a good source of vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants.

The fruit also contains a wide variety of properties that include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-fungal properties. Consuming orange juice with the pulp provides you the fiber that stimulates the bowels. Eventually, this enhances the peristaltic activity that pushes the food through the colon. Therefore, drinking orange juice with the pulp and Epsom salt can be the best choice to fight against constipation.

5. Epsom salt laxative:

How to use?

  • Take half a cup of Epsom salt and required warm water
  • Add water to the container and stir the mixture well
  • Make it as a paste and apply it on your stomach
  • Do this remedy to get cured of stomach ache and cramps

Benefits of Epsom salt laxative:

Laxatives are incredibly beneficial for constipation as the absorption rate of magnesium when used as a laxative is high. Laxative of necessary Epsom salt for constipation can be gently applied on the stomach surface while you are experiencing stomach ache and cramps. Magnesium works very well to instantly relax the muscles and relieve tension helping in smooth bowel movement. However, laxative should be unused for children or adults without a doctor’s consultation.

A word of caution:

fresh ingredients
  1. Always make sure that you use only fresh ingredients and fruits. Spoilt veggies and fruits can make the condition even worse. Boil the water to consume and not to burn your tongue or throat.
  2. People who are suffering from kidney problems should avoid intaking of Epsom salt.
  3. High levels of magnesium cause symptoms of dizziness, slow heart rate, loss of consciousness and heart disorders.
  4. Pregnant women must avoid consuming remedies with Epsom salt as it may cause loss of calcium and weaken the muscles and bones in an unborn baby.
  5. Always consult a doctor before consultation and use it only in the recommended levels if you have to take it frequently.

Constipation is a prevalent problem in every household across the globe, but it can lead to significant symptoms and disruption of the entire body’s activities if not taken care of properly. The best way to get rid of constipation is to drink lots of fluids, exercise and have a balanced diet that is rich in fiber. However, Epsom salt for constipation is proven to be very beneficial; there is no doubt in that.

The natural methods and home remedies discussed are wondrously beneficial and leave no side effects on the body. It is not a difficult task to heal constipation if you follow these natural remedies precisely and regularly. While following these remedies make sure you keep the precautions in mind to get useful results. However, if the bloated stomach becomes more painful over the time, consult a physician.

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