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12 Best Home Remedies To Cure Razor Bumps

12 Best Home Remedies To Cure Razor Bumps

How to Cure Razor Burns - Home Remedies

For most men, shaving on a daily basis is a regular occurrence and so are razor burns. Razor burns are actually irritations in the skin caused due to the act of shaving.

Most commonly razor burns have been found to occur when one shaves too close to the skin or even when the act of shaving is done too forcefully. Even shaving with a dull razor has been found to be a major cause of razor burns.

Razor burns are identified by the presence of small red colored bumps that are quite itchy and at times might also get filled with pus.

Most of the time, the skin around a razor burn has been found to be dry and patchy as in the case of skin rashes and might also be accompanied by some amount of burning sensation.

Razor burns have been known to last for quite a few days if they are not treated on time. There have been cases where there might be a small amount of inflammation as well.

For those who have a sensitive skin, razor burns are a common occurrence.

Razor burns do not necessarily only occur in men and on the chin but have been known to occur on one’s legs, underarms or even the bikini line in case of women. It has been noted that whenever one uses a razor too forcefully on one’s skin, razor burns are bound to occur.

There are times when these bumps and skin rashes may get worse if they are not properly treated as such, if you find that you are suffering from razor burns that have become filled with pus, it is always suggested that you consult a doctor who would help direct you towards the correct treatment.

Also, if you do not wish to suffer from razor burns, it is advisable that you take a preventive measure which should include:

Clean Razor

Make sure to use a clean razor every time you shave since this will ensure that the skin stays bacteria-free and clean.

Sharp Razor

Whenever you find that your razor has lost its sharpness, consider changing it immediately because most times, a dull blade is the main reason for the formation of razor burn and bumps.

Shaving Gel

Use of shaving gels is a must because they ensure that your skin, as well as the hair follicles that you are about to shave off, are soft enough to do so. Using a razor on dry skin is sure to cause a razor burn.


Make sure to shave in small and clean strokes as well as with a light stroke on the skin since that will ensure that you do not get the burns.

Cold Water

Rather than using lotions on the skin right after shaving. It is advisable that you first wash your face with cold water to soothe it as well as to seal any open pores before you splash on any aftershave.

If you, by any chance, have already got razor burns, rest assured that they can also be treated at home if they have not become pus-filled and infected already, in which case visiting the doctor will be your best option.

Some of the home remedies to try include:

Aloe Vera

Using an aloe vera gel will not just soothe the burning sensations but will also help with the excessive itching. This can be used both in the pure natural gel form and/or out of the tube in the processed form. They have been found to be effective both ways ensuring a protective cover over the skin to prevent infections thereby promoting the healing process.

Milk and Cucumber

Milk has been known to moisturize the skin and cucumber has soothing as well as cooling properties. Because of which a paste made out of cucumber and milk, when applied on the skin will help with not just the rashes and the bumps but also with the inflammation as well as the itchiness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which has been known to help with combating infection. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as such it helps a lot with swelling and the itching. You might want to consider dabbing a little apple cider vinegar on the affected area to soothe it instantly.


Honey is known for its antibacterial properties as such you might consider applying some honey on the affected area to soothe and moisturize it as well as to fight off any chance of an infection.


In case the razor burns are on your legs or underarms or even on the bikini line, it is suggested that you avoid tight fitted clothes. Also, make sure that whatever you wear is cotton since that will allow the skin to breathe and heal since synthetic fiber has been known to cause irritation to the skin which in turn will make matters works.

Cold Compress

In case of inflammation, a cold compress is the best solution since not only will it reduce the swelling, it will also help with the itching as well.


Make sure to keep your skin moisturized as this will ensure that your skin remains soft and will also help reduce the rashes to a great extent.

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