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How to Cure Pollakiuria

How to Cure Pollakiuria

Pollakiuria Remedies

In most children, frequent urination does not account for some untold condition but for some, it might be the starting of what is known as Pollakiuria, a daytime frequent urination condition that is generally benign. It has been usually known to occur for 7-12months after which it self-limits itself.

Through frequent urination, it is mostly meant that the affected child needs to visit the washroom every 15-20 minutes but there have been cases where the child gets the urge every 5 minutes or so. Mostly children in the age range of 3 years to 14 years have been known to be affected by this condition which usually peaks for most at the age of 5 years.

Although the color, odor and steam might be normal, there have been cases reported where secondary nocturnal enuresis have been known to have developed. And even though there are no changes in the irritable bowel habits, for most children it is a matter of much psychological stress.

In cases like these, a through urinary checkup is suggested to root out the main issue and most doctors suggest some kind of medication to limit the condition as well. But there as steps that a parent might need to take as well.

Reassuring the Child

Since in most cases, the condition of Pollakiuria has been known to known to be triggered by stress, it is necessary to reassure the child that she/she is healthy and that there is nothing wrong with their bladder.

Also, it is important to reassure them that they can actually wait a while before going to the washroom without being faced with the possibility of a leaking accident.

Do not comment

It is important that as a parent, you make sure not to remind him of his condition in a way that might embarrass or dishearten him. Also, make sure to let his teachers at schools as well as any guardian known of his condition beforehand so that he is not faced with any criticism or punishment. In most cases, when the child finds out that his condition has been accepted and very much ignored, it has been seen that the condition actually disappears after a few weeks.

Fluids Intake

It is necessary that you increase the child’s fluid intake so as to make sure that he/she does not get dehydrated as that might lead to other medical conditions.

Consul A Doctor

In many cases, it has been found that the child may develop a burning sensation due to the frequent urination or might keep wetting themselves in a bid to control the urge to urinate. In such condition, it is highly necessary to consult a doctor for proper medication that might treat the burning sensations as well as help with the Pollakiuria. Also, as a parent, if you have any concerns or queries, it is better to seek a doctor’s help.


It is necessary that the child goes through a regular dose of physical activity to keep healthy and fit. This will also ensure that he does not bother himself too much about his condition psychologically.

Warm Bottles

It is generally suggested that the child’s bed be kept warm by placing hot water bottles before he steps into bed at night so as to have some comfort during the night time and for a fuller sleep.

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