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3 Powerful Foods That Can Help You Alleviate Malaria Symptoms

3 Powerful Foods That Can Help You Alleviate Malaria Symptoms

How to Cure Ague

It appears in many of Shakespeare’s play and it has found mentions in the Bible as well; which actually goes to say that mankind has been suffering from Ague for eons and it is still as much of a disease affecting mankind, now as it once was.

Ague is characterized by severe fever coupled with extreme shivering, chills, and sweating at recurring intervals as well as joint and bone pain.

Malaria or any kind of fever with these characteristics is also referred to as ague in the medical terms. As such any case of ague needs to be treated just like a case of malaria or fever would be. A visit to your doctor is a must in any case.

Check For Symptoms

It is necessary to realize the symptoms of Ague.  If you are suffering from ague, there is every chance that you are might be suffering from severe, painful headaches or a Migraine, diarrhea, tiredness, nausea as well as vomiting and as such ascertaining whether it is indeed Ague has to done before any kind of treatment is given since many of the symptoms might be confused with cold and flu.


It is necessary that you give your doctor a full account of your previous medical history along with mentioning the history of the past few weeks of your movements and of any recent travels.

Also, make sure not to skip on the necessary blood tests that are prescribed for malaria. Once malaria has been ascertained, treatment is a fairly easy thing from there.


It is important to reduce the fever in case of Ague and as such placing a cold water cloth over the forehead whenever the fever strikes helps greatly in bringing down the temperature to a great extent.

Also, it is necessary that you protect yourself from further mosquito attacks. Keep your surrounding clean and make sure that there is no pool of stagnant water nearby since they are known to be the first and foremost breeding places of mosquitoes.

Following a course of treatment as suggested by your doctor is crucial to get rid of the illness but together with the medicines doctor prescribed for the treatment of the illness but there are also certain things that you might want to try at home to treat it such as:


Grapefruit has been known to contain natural quinine-like substances, which is why, consuming grapefruit daily will help with combating the malaria.


Cinnamon has been found to be a beneficial remedy in fighting malaria naturally and as such you can try making a concoction by boiling one teaspoon of the powdered cinnamon with a pinch of pepper powder and honey in water and then consuming it.

Holy Basil

Another concoction made from boiling some holy basil leaves mixed with one fourth a teaspoon of pepper powder in water has been known to be beneficial in fighting malaria. Having this twice or thrice a day has been known to be effective in checking the severity of the illness.

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