Brain & Mental Health

A major part of the population today are already aware of the implications of using natural remedies and alternative & complementary therapies. Interestingly, people have also embraced natural remedies to treat mental illness.

Acupuncture, hypnosis, magnesium supplements, yoga, breathing exercises, physical exercises, aerobics, and other natural approaches to heal mental illnesses and they’re gaining acceptance with every passing day. More so because, the natural remedies and alternative therapies are devoid of any side effects. These remedies trigger the body’s natural healing process, improve mood and energy flow, develop proper breathing habits, and help in controlling the body’s response to stress.Having a balanced diet, enough sleep and regular physical exercises are some of the fundamental lifestyle regimes that can contribute to better mental health of an individual

The Best Fruit Beverages That Improve Your Brain Power

Many individuals are looking for easy methods to boost their memory, focus, and productivity. That's why "smart drugs," or nootropics…

1 month ago

Here’s All You Need To Know About the 10 Percent Brain Myth

The human brain is mysterious and still quite complex. It is precisely for this reason why various myths about how…

3 months ago

Six Important Pillars of Brain Health

Your lifestyle has a major impact on your brain health. What you eat and drink, how much you exercise your…

4 months ago

Why Meditation is Good for Health and Well Being

In every life, there will always be challenges. Be it a financial struggle, a death in the family, the loss…

5 months ago

Tips to Manage Your Health and Energy During the Lockdown

This lockdown phase has affected our daily lifestyle in many ways. I have seen many posts on social media that…

6 months ago

Destress During Stressful Times

During the past several weeks, our lives have taken a new turn that was totally unexpected. Never before has the…

6 months ago

5 Essential Oils to Help with Concentration & Mental Focus

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you find yourself zoning out of conversations, meetings, or classes? Alarmingly,…

8 months ago

Kratom- An Effective Remedy to Treat Depression

Using Kratom for depression treatment provides multiple benefits. Kratom is considered a potential opioid substitute and has a strong relaxing…

11 months ago

Cashews, the New Age Cure to Depression?

Depression is a widespread ailment with a reported 3 million US cases per year and causes a great deal of…

11 months ago

Treat Accidental Head Injury with Home Remedies

Head injuries are injuries caused to the scalp, skull, and brain. Head injury is generally confused with concussions. Concussions are…

11 months ago

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