Why Coconut Oil Works Wonders For Dark Circles

Updated on March 12th, 2020
Coconut Oil For dark circles

The face is the Index of the mind. If you have a glowing and fresh face, people percept it to your confidence. But sometimes, the face doesn’t show this because of the weary look caused due to dark circles. Dark circles refer to those dark blemishes around your eyes which give away the impression that you are tired and deprived of rest and sleep.

Having dark circles under eyes can be a slightly bitter experience as not only do people take you for an older person but also it can be a major turn off for people you socialize with as your appearance tends to give off a vibe of perpetual exhaustion.

Thus, to get your life back on track, it is a must that you get rid of these dark, unpleasant dark circles around eyes. And to achieve this end, you cannot take a better decision than resorting to coconut oil for dark circles.

Coconut Oil for Dark Circles

Coconut oil, which also goes by the name of copra oil, refers to that edible oil which is obtained from the meat of mature coconuts which in turn are gathered from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). This oil is characterized by the smell of coconut and appears colorless above 30-degree Celsius while being white in solid form.

Many of us are unsure about whether to incorporate coconut in the daily diet owing to its high saturated fat content. But you would heave a sigh of relief knowing that the saturated fat content in it isn’t harmful and it is jam-packed with medium chained fatty acids such as capric, caproic, caprylic and lauric acid which assist in weight loss and promote good heart health. Some types of coconut oil are discussed below.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Extracted from fresh and high-quality coconut milk through a wet process. This unrefined oil is obtained from mechanical means.

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil

This oil, highly used in the food industry, is obtained when a high melting point is separated from low melting point triglycerides. Long chain fatty acids are removed in this oil.

3. Organic Coconut Oil

Grown without the use of pesticides.

4. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

To get chemical free oil. Thus, high heat is not generated in this method and techniques such as hydraulic press is generally used.

Why use Coconut Oil for Dark Circles?

coconut oil for seborrheic dermatitis

Coconut oil is a storehouse of medium-chain fatty acids which in turn delve deep into the skin and provide ample nourishment to the surface. Moreover, the moisture-retaining the property of coconut oil keeps dryness at bay and thus helps your delicate skin from coming under the clutches of dark circles.(1)

Saturated fat in coconut oil such as capric, caprylic and myristic acid are highly abundant in antioxidants which help to get rid of free radicals that prove detrimental to your skin. Rich presence of Vitamin E serves an added advantage. To add on top of all these, coconut oil also fights off bacteria or fungus that play a key role in the onset of dark circle and thus help to remove dark circles.

How to use coconut oil for Dark Circles?

1. Cold-Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil

Directions – Wash your face thoroughly and use soap if you have to remove any makeup or beauty product. Take as much as a teaspoon of virgin oil and massage it under your eyes in a circular motion for about 30 seconds for each eye. Leave it be for the night and let it get completely absorbed. The following morning, wash it off using a refreshing cleanser.

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2. Coconut oil with turmeric paste

Directions – Take an inch of raw turmeric and move on to make a paste out of it. Mingle in it, half spoon of coconut oil. Make it a habit to massage this paste every night for about 15 minutes. Make sure that the area where you apply is clean. Wipe this paste off using cotton and rinse it thoroughly after half an hour.

3. Coconut and almond oil

Directions – Gather equal proportions of both almond and coconut oil and blend them in a bowl together. When they are mixed thoroughly, apply it on the affected area under your eyes and leave it for a night and let it absorb. Wash it off the following morning.

4. Coconut oil with Chickpea Flour, Lemon Juice, and Honey

Directions – Blend all the ingredients in the following proportion- 1 tbsp each of warm coconut oil, milk, lemon juice, honey, two teaspoons turmeric and 2 tbsp chickpea flour. Make a fine paste out of these ingredients. Apply cleansing milk before applying this paste underneath your eyes. After this, massage the paste in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips. Wait up for 20 minutes and then rinse it off using regular water.

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Other Home Remedies

1. Tea Bags

Owing to the presence of caffeine in tea bags, blood vessels tend to contract and this way you get to say good riddance to dark circles. Refrigerate two tea bags to make them cold. Place them on the eyes for up to 10 minutes. Then rinse off your face.

2. Aloe Vera

Image: Shutterstock

Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb come in handy to deal with the harrowing dark circles. Clean off the area under your eye and then massage Aloe Vera pulp for about 10 minutes.

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Precautions and Side Effects

When usage in children and pregnant as well as breastfeeding women is concerned, one should consult an expert before using coconut oil for dark circles. They may cause health problems if used beyond the prescribed limit. Hence its use should be carefully monitored. Undertake the following precautionary measures when using coconut oil for dark circles.

  • Opt for virgin coconut oil for dark circles.
  • Take care so as these oils may not enter your eyes.
  • As far as long-term usage is concerned, consult a healthcare expert first.


Using coconut oil for dark circles is a natural and safe alternative and is far better than turning to spurious falsely marketed pretentious products with their bogus claims. These products may put you out of your misery in the short run, but none will be able to grant long-lasting effects.

What’s better is that this oil is not wrought with severe side effects which may disrupt your life. Only thing is you need to understand the types of oil and situations best suited for each. Thus, it is better to act on dark circles today than turning a blind eye towards them which may cause problems tomorrow.

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