CBD Oil for Diabetes: Here’s How Cannabidiol can Help You Manage Diabetes

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
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Diabetes has taken the world with a sugar rush in the blood, and this trend has exponentially increased in the past few decades. To understand the current dire situation, perhaps this number could shed some more light. The number of people suffering from diabetes has gone up from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.

This condition is crippling and causes a serious impact on your lifestyle. This condition could also lead to diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, heart failure, loss of feeling in the limb and severe renal failure.

Diabetes needs urgent and immediate attention of primary healthcare providers. Amongst the tissel-tassel of allopathic medication that comes with severe side effects, CBD or cannabidiol comes to the rescue to several diabetics around the globe.

Only in the recent era, CBD has boomed all across the globe, after scientific research has pointed out the wide array of health benefits and effects for several diseases. One amongst them is diabetes, CBD for diabetes offers a modern solution with no side-effects and additionally, it also works on the secondary conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, retinopathy (neural and diabetic), and many more conditions.

Did You Know!

  1. The use of CBD oil for diabetes has gained a lot of popularity among patients recently. Often, when clubbed with other treatments, the use of CBD oil has proven to be a popular remedy to treat as well as to prevent diabetes.
  2. The researches done on the use of CBD oil for diabetes are comparatively new. But, most of them have proven to be very promising.

Why CBD Oil For Diabetes?

In a 5 year study conducted on participants that used cannabis, it was noted that their body was able to bring down their fasting insulin levels by 16 % as compared to those who never consumed cannabis. Furthermore, the study also showed that these participants had a boost in the levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein), also referred to as good cholestrol levels.

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For Insulin Resistance

How to cure diabetes with CBD oil

Diabetic patients who go through and use the medication tend to suffer from a condition called insulin resistance, in which case the cells of their body actively reject insulin. As this condition worsens, the body starts rejecting it a drastic rate to the point where the body will not be able to accept any glucose, which is the source of energy of the body. The bottom line to this condition leads to the accumulation of high glucose in the bloodstream leading to fatal conditions.

Therefore, insulin resistance plays an important role in the development of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes in the human body.

Although not sure how it works, researchers believe that the use of CBD oil can prove to be an effective treatment for insulin resistance. It is often believed by many that it is anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD that help in making it a remedy for insulin treatment.

For Obesity

Obesity is one of the prime risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, a study has found a coexisting link between the use of CBD oil and a small waist and a lower body mass index has also been found (1).

There has been more than just one benefit of CBD extract that has been found to be highly beneficial in lowering obesity levels. Not only has it been an effective inflammation suppressant, but it has also been found to be a remedy to curb appetite. Consequently, it became a popular remedy to fight obesity and thus, diabetes.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Diabetes?

reverse diabetes

There are several ways one could employ the usage of CBD oil. Patients suffering from diabetes could directly take 2-3 whiffs of the oil directly from the bottle for instant relief.

Additionally, you could also add 2-3 ml of this oil into your humidifier which you could place in your bedroom/living room for reaping the best benefits of this oil.

Alternatively, you could also use supplements, tinctures, and edibles. They are available in several forms and depending on personal preference one could choose what best suits them. However, it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor/physician before adhering to this regimen.

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How Much to use?

One of the most important things to note about the dosage of CBD oil for diabetes is that just like most natural remedies, there is no scientific research that recommends its dosage(2).

FDA only allows the sale of CBD oil as a food supplement and not as a medicinal product. Therefore, until it is not sold as a medicinal product, no scientific data can be produced to determine the CBD oil dosage for diabetes.

CBD oil is the future and one of the most effective ways of managing diabetes, hence it is strongly recommended that you use it and it is advised that you check with your doctor on the usage and the dosage to suit your body and condition appropriately.


1. Can CBD oil help diabetic nerve pain?

Yes, CBD oil can help with diabetic neuropathy, however, to use it, you would need to have the CBD Topical hemp oil. Directly applying it on the site of pain could drastically reduce it and helping in treating the symptom.

2. Can CBD lower cholesterol?

CBD Oil is known to stop the liver from producing cholesterol, additionally, it also helps in promoting the browning of adipose tissues, which in turn helps in the reduction of the cholesterol levels.

3. Can CBD Oil interact with medications?

CBD Oil is generally safe to date and hasn’t had any side effects, however, according to research there is a high potential for it to interact with some medication in the body, hence it is recommended that you check with your doctor before using this oil.

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