Treat Pink Eye the Natural Way. Try Breast Milk!

Updated on January 7th, 2020
breast milk for pink eye

Breast milk for pink eye is the best solution one can ever get. Pink eye is a kind of infection caused by a virus and affects the eye by causing redness, swelling, and secretions for some time. Breast milk helps to reduce swelling, irritation, and soothes these symptoms. It can also help to reduce the disease. Not only the pink eye but also, many kinds of conditions can be treated with the help of breast milk.

Research(1) states that breast milk cures pink eye, especially in kids. As this is not an external agent, it can be safely given to the babies of any age. It can kill different kinds of bacteria and other microorganisms. Antibiotics in breast milk, help provide proper immunity to the baby. Thus, ideally, they should be given appropriate breastfeeding until at least six months of age.


  • Breast milk helps wake your baby up!  That’s right, your breast milk acts as a stimulant, arousing the baby from a night’s sleep, just like coffee!
  • Just as Breast Milk could help your baby rise and shine, the melatonin content in breast milk can help the baby drift off to sleep. So now you know, lullabies and breast milk work wonders!

The Role of Breast Milk for Conjunctivitis

Breast Milk

Breastmilk plays a vital role in subsiding the symptoms and treating the infection. Since it has many kinds of antifungal properties, it can be applied in the treatment of this infection. It is also an edible product and the safest option for children of all ages.

You can dip a small cotton ball in breast milk, and put it on eyes. It helps a lot to reduce swelling, irritation, and redness. Babies usually feed on breast milk, but children or adults can take breast milk whenever they face such kinds of infections. It gives perfect results without any side effects.

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Dosage of Breastmilk to Treat Pink Eye

There is no specific dosage of breastmilk to treat pink eye(2). You can continue the application of breast milk until the infection subsides. Breast milk is an alternative treatment. So, you need to take proper medications if you have pink eye. Both –  medications and breast milk can help you with your pink eye infection.

Breast Milk Is Safe for Patients with Diabetes Patients.

Breast milk can be given to any person, without considering the age and problems. There are no effects because it is natural, produced from a human body. It gives your system more strength to fight against the infection. It has several more properties, which make it is an effective medicine to treat pink eye.

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What Makes Breast Milk Exceptional?

Breast Milk Pumping

Breast milk has many antibacterial and antifungal properties, which make it very special. It is a natural kind of antibody or an antifungal agent. When this is applied to the eye, it helps to kill the microorganisms, especially the bad bacteria. It also helps to reduce the swelling by moisturizing the infected area.

It helps to reduce itching, redness. It also works and kills infections when taken orally. But the dosage of this antibody might not be sufficient to cure pink eye. So, you must use proper medication along with this home remedy to get the best results and that too in a short period.

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Probable Side Effects of Using Breast Milk for Pink Eye

Well, there are no side effects of breast milk. You can try this method and track your progress. If you see no sign of improvement even after a week, then consult your doctor immediately. Also, make sure not to put breast milk into the eyes directly when you have pink eye. It should be placed only over the eye.

There are absolutely no restrictions for drinking breast milk, as it is a natural agent. However, ensure to use cotton to put breast milk on the eyes.

There are many soothing effects of breast milk for pink eye. You should follow the doctor’s prescription along with the breast milk home remedy. It helps remove your uneasiness and soothes your eyes. It cuts down the chances of recurrence of not only this infection but several other types of diseases too.

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1. What Gets Rid of Pink Eye Fast?

Apart from breast milk, there are some over-the-counter medicines (Ibuprofen, lubricating eye drops, or artificial tears that effectively heal pink eyes. Alternatively, you can use home remedies like putting a warm cloth over the eyes to soothe the pain and irritation.

2. Does Breast Milk Cure Pink Eye?

Yes, breast milk is suitable for people of all ages. Babies usually have breast milk, and it helps them to gain immunity. Breast milk helps to recover from several kinds of ailments, infections, and diseases.

3. Can a Pregnant Woman Have Breast Milk?

Yes!  However, women who are lactose intolerant are advised against using it. Except that, you can have breast milk in all other cases.

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