4 Best Soups for Diarrhea That Truly Works

Updated on August 2nd, 2019
best soup for diarrhea

Studies say that as time is advancing, not only a greater portion of the mass but also scientists, medical consultants, and physicians prefer herbal or natural ways to cure many diseases, especially those which can be cured without or rather with limited use of medications. This is because medications may cure the sufferings of the patients very quickly but in the end, it shows side effects, which can be fatal.

Did You Know?

  • According to various reports and surveys, an adult suffers from Diarrhea at least once in a lifetime, and that too each year in the United States.
  • On the other hand, the children suffer from acute diarrhea at least twice a year.

How Do Soups Help to Cure Diarrhea?

Dehydration is a common problem for those who suffer from diarrhea, which further results in loss of water, minerals, and electrolytes.  Thus, soups are beneficial for diarrhea patients.

Here are four best soups for diarrhea patients. It is true that there are arguments and varying thoughts with respect to the ingredients used in these soups, yet they are the best soups for diarrhea patients as they help them to recover the ailment quickly.

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1. Chicken Soup Is the Best Choice for Diarrhea Patient?

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is rich in proteins. And although high protein content is not suitable for your stomach especially when you are suffering from stomach related problems a light chicken soup is considered very healthy. This is because, abnormal bowel movements, muscle cramps, and loose & watery stools with blood make the diarrhea patient enormously weak and fatigue.

So to gain back the muscle power and protein contents in the body, chicken is highly recommended by nutritionists. Chicken soup also helps to regain those electrolytes and the nutrients that one has lost due to dehydration. However, the patient must have to keep in mind that, the light or just boiled chicken soup will not be as delicious as the normal chicken dishes; instead, it can taste bitter with an unwanted odor. Hence, the patient should take chicken soup as an alternative to medication.

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2. Ginger Soup with Noodles To Heal Symptoms of Diarrhea

Noodles are processed foods; hence, most of the time not recommended by many experts. However, ginger soup with or without noodles can heal the stomach discomfort and hence you can call it the best soup for diarrhea. Ginger is one of the widely known ingredients to relieve the stomach ache as it destroys the rhinovirus in the stomach.

According to medical science, ginger excites the production of bile(1), which in turn benefits the human digestive system. However, excessive bile secretion can sometimes cause digestive disorder and hence its consumption should be as per the experts’ advice.

3. Greek Lemon Chicken Soup as a Curative Medicine to Diarrhea

chicken soup drink

Apart from the good impacts of chicken as discusses above, lemon is also considered as a great remedy for diarrhea as it is a good source of antioxidants. Add to this, lemon has a bacteria-fighting characteristic that fights out the norovirus infection that mainly causes diarrhea. The sweet flavor of the lemon along with the Greek flavor is an added advantage to the taste buds of the patient.

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4. Why Winter Vegetable Chicken Noodle Soup Is Good for Stomach Problems?

Almost all winter vegetables, such as cabbages, carrots, spinach(2), peas, tomatoes, and others are highly rich in various vitamins and protein. Although these are mainly winter vegetable, however, due to cold storage and advanced farming technologies, nowadays these vegetables are available throughout the year.

Vitamins, on the one hand, increase the antibody power (in nonprofessional’s language, the natural power of the human body to fight out the infections caused by outside bacteria and virus) and on the other hand, protein content helps to regain the muscle power of the body.

Other Important Foods for Diarrhea

Now that you know the best soups for diarrhea, you are a step ahead but if you want to be in a better off place then you should know about the other important food that helps to cure diarrhea.

1. Oatmeal

Well, this food should be considered during diarrhea because it contains soluble fiber that helps in reducing the pace of digestion, thus, adding up to the bowel movement.

2. Bananas

Fresh Bananas

Electrolytes are needed when you are suffering from diarrhea and consequent dehydration, and banana is a rich source of electrolytes.

Foods to Be Avoided During Diarrhea

The food that you should avoid when you are suffering from diarrhea includes the following foods:

  1. Oily foods those are rich in fat, such as pizzas, pastries, and bacon.
  2. Caffeine as experts believes that it aggravates bowel movement by being a bowel stimulant.
  3. Diarrhea results in lactose intolerance, hence, one should also avoid milk during diarrhea, as it is not very good for health.

Diarrhea, if treated in time with proper medical advice, is not a fatal disease to be anxious about in this era of advanced medical science and technology. It is studied that, proper guidance from the nutritionist about healthy diet and accurate bed rest of the patient can heal the discomfort caused due to this ailment.

The above-mentioned best soups for diarrhea can cure diarrhea and bring the sufferer back to a perfectly healthy life. Even though there are, certain discrepancies and argument regarding the consumption of the soups one cannot deny the fact that these soups, with all those discrepancies, have always turned out to be the best food one can consume to get relief from diarrhea.

However, when you are suffering from diarrhea it is always advisable to take the doctor’s and nutritionist’s advice first before taking any decision. They can only guide you to take the best decision when you or your near and dear ones are suffering from diarrhea. During diarrhea, keeping calm, along with eating healthy foods, can help you to get relief from the ailment quickly. To prevent diarrhea follow things such as washing your hands before eating should be followed.


1. Is Soup Good for Diarrhea?

Diarrhea isn’t that serious and disappears in a day. However, in acute cases, chicken soup and saltines are highly recommended.

2. What Foods Will Stop Diarrhea?

Mostly bland foods that include oatmeal, rice porridge, bananas, and unseasoned crackers can help stop diarrhea.

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