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Orgasms reduce stress, improve the skin, and let you feel awesome. But for many women, finding the G-spot can be hard. Women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone. Only 18 percent of women in one 2017 study reported orgasm without penetration. Most often, clitoral stimulation is needed or beneficial when it comes to sexual orgasms.

However, just because the Big-O is a challenge does not mean you and your partner cannot get there. The G-Spot is a key to women achieving orgasm during penetration. Vaginal orgasms become a problem if the location of the G-spot proves elusive. Let’s learn more about how you can help your partner and which sexual positions you can try for a better sex life.

What is a G-Spot?

So, what exactly is the G-spot? Well, besides being the key to experiencing a mind-blowing vaginal orgasm, it is known as the Grafenberg spot. It was discovered by Dr. Beverly Whipple, who found that motion within the vagina produced a physical response in women at a particular place. She believed this spot could be the key to reaching an orgasmic climax.


The G-spot is not a distinct part of the anatomy. In a 2017 study, researchers tried to find the G-spot in vain. The reason for this is simple. Each woman’s G-spot is different and unique, just like the fingerprint or the genetic coding.

No one spot can be scientifically pinpointed as the G-spot in a woman. By experimenting and trying different sexual positions with your partner, you should be able to discover your G-spot(1).

Rather than being a separate spot in the vagina, the G-spot is part of the clitoral network. When the G-spot is stimulated, part of the clitoris is stimulated. It is more significant than one thinks it to be. The nub where the inner part of the labia meets is the top of the clitoris.

It divides into two roots, each 4 inches long. The region can vary from one woman to another. It can be the spot that leads to female ejaculation and helps women reach orgasmic states.

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How to Find It?

Finding the G-spot can be hard, especially since it is unique for each woman. However, it does not mean locating the G-spot is impossible. Rather than searching for it in partnered sexual activities, study the G-spot through self-exploration. If you need to find your G-spot, start by relaxing. Do what feels excellent for you, using a sex toy(2) or stimulation.

Using penetrative objects, lift it above the belly button to see what feels best for you. Focus your attention on the motion and the area, which reports the maximum sensitivity. Like other erogenous zones, G-spots can vary. There is also no one way to orgasm – it can be different for different women.

Further, not all women find satisfaction through the stimulation of the G-spot. Masturbation can be a healthy part of a sexual relationship too. Mutual masturbation and self-masturbation come with an equal host of health benefits, as does sex.

Health benefits of finding your G-spot and enjoying sex include better physiological, emotional, and psychological health. Sex can ward off cancer, boost immunity, advance energy levels, and leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Best Sex Positions

For stimulating the G-spot at sexual intercourse, certain sex positions work better than others. Try positions that let you control your degree of movement and stimulation.

1. Cowgirl Position

Try this position for stimulating the G-spot. With your partner on the back, climb on top and straddle them. This position controls depth, rhythm, and angle of penetration. The focus is on finding the G-spot within the inner vaginal wall. Experiment with different perspectives and speeds.

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2. Doggy Position

This sexual position lets you locate different angles of penetration to discover the G-spot. Stand on high fours with your partner at your back. During penetration, lean on the forearms and push hips backward to find a position that works best. A different variation can be tried with legs on edge off the bed as you lay flat, and your partner spoons you from the back.

3. Closed Missionary Position

This is a variation on the classic, missionary pose. It permits more stimulation without in-depth penetration. Start on your back, in a missionary position, before moving legs together. The partner’s legs should straddle yours, and the penetration, although shallow, can create friction against the G-spot.

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Discover What Works

Despite what is shown in the movies, sex is neither quick nor easy. It requires patience and the will to explore what is comfortable for you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to explore sex with your partner and locate your G-spot. There’s no one size fits all approach to determining your G-spot.

Be clear that there are more than a couple of ways to orgasm. Find a combination of efforts that works for you and be patient. An essential aspect of your sexual relationship is that you should be satisfied with your partner and comfortable with your sexual orientation.

So, there you have it. The G-spot, the best sexual positions, and the best ways to orgasm should now be clear to you. Remember to experiment for each person is unique. Be comfortable with your sexual orientation and sexual preferences. Sex is an integral part of your life.

Give it the importance it deserves. The act of procreation is one of the most beautiful ways to express love for your partner. Don’t miss out on great sex and a good relationship with your better half. Use these tips and strategies to boost your sex life, and experiment with different positions to find out what works best for you.

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