Instant Blackheads Removal with Charcoal Face Mask

Updated on March 10th, 2020
charcoal mask for blackheads

Charcoal face mask works wonders on acne-prone and oily skin revealing squeaky clean and bright skin. After a single-use, charcoal eliminates impurities and brings out the secret sparkle in your skin. This is why charcoal mask for blackheads are in demand these days.

Traditional peel-off face masks include ingredients that promise softer skin after use. They also contain antioxidants to protect the skin from damage. Apart from charcoal, other ingredients in peel-off masks include kaolin clay, volcanic ash, and mud, among others. All these ingredients are equally beneficial in removing annoying blackheads and revealing a radiant complexion.

Charcoal is a fantastic detoxifier and works wonders in eliminating impurities. Activated charcoal functions just like a magnet and removes oil and dirt that clogs the skin’s pores. Charcoal works with other ingredients like honey, hyaluronic acid, and eucalyptus oil detox and nourishes your skin.

It is difficult to effectively eliminate blackheads without stripping the good, natural stuff from your skin. Do not reach for the first blackhead(1)-blasting and pore-cleansing strips available at your local drugstore. Take a look at the ingredients, reflect on your skin type, and use the products judiciously and in moderation.

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Charcoal Mask for Blackheads: Dos & Don’ts

activated charcoal benefits

It is advisable to use charcoal face masks only if you have oily and acne-prone skin. Certain brands modify their products to cater to different skin types. Try not to use these products more than two times weekly or as suggested by the manufacturer. Best charcoal mask peel-off for blackheads are readily available.

There are numerous variations of peel-off face masks ranging from charcoal face masks to nose pore strips. DIY face masks are also made of glue these days. It is best to seek an expert opinion to gauge the effectiveness of peel-off face masks for blackheads.

Dr. Janet Prystowsky is a board-certified dermatologist state that there is a lack of actual evidence to verify that peel-off face masks actually work for blackheads. There is a lot of dead skin buildup, oil, and bacteria beneath a blackhead. This mixture oxidizes and turns black as soon as it is exposed to air. She states that face masks may remove that oxidized layer without dealing with the root problem.

Frequent use of face masks will lead to a tape-stripping effect. Dr. Prystowsky says that when you continuously pull off your skin`s top layer and remove that oxidized blend of skin, oil, and bacteria, your skin will eventually feel dry and irritated.

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What is the Best Charcoal Mask Peel-Off for Blackheads

Some peel-off masks work wonders on blackheads. Nose strips have revealed their efficacy at removing comedones.

Eileen Bischoff, an esthetician at Eve Salon, explains, “when you are using face masks, try to use hot steam or a hot towel for a few minutes before using the mask. This will unclog the pores to permit better extraction of blackheads.”

Some peel-off masks contain a mix of volcanic ash, charcoal powder, and kaolin clay. This combination soaks up excess oil, purifies pores, and results in clear and shine-free complexion. It is also useful as a whitehead spot treatment or to tighten skin and remove residual impurities.

You can also opt for a pore peel-off mask that contains a mix of detoxifying ingredients such as charcoal, Dead Sea salt, and mud to effectively eliminate oil and dead skin, which leads to blackheads.

The Best Charcoal Mask for Blackheads That You Could Try

Dr. Hadley King is a renowned dermatologist at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa, reveals that peel off masks remove keratin plugs. There isn’t any long term benefit as the debris will again accumulate over time.  So, it is better to strictly follow the instructions and use them just once every week.

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Which is the best charcoal mask for blackheads? A scientifically proven one!

To remove impurities from the skin and nourish it simultaneously, opt for a mask that contains bamboo charcoal and fermented honey. This mask cleans and conditions different complexions regardless of whether you have an oily, dry, normal, or combination skin. Charcoal masks are also available in Charcoal sticks. Simply swipe on a kaolin clay-infused stick to exfoliate your skin and get rid of impurities.

Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Application:

Apply the mask in a lesser quantity for an easy-peel off. Avoid application near/on eyebrows. Peel off the mask slowly when it is completely dry.

Bottom Line

Charcoal is quite useful in removing impurities, blackheads, excess oil, and minimizing pores. The best charcoal mask peel-off for blackheads can diminish pores and help in attaining wonderfully soft and smooth skin. Experts opine that peel-off masks can damage your skin and can cause excruciating pain in the process of removal. This is because you run the risk of stripping off a surface layer of skin as well.

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1. Are charcoal face masks for blackheads harmful for your skin?

A: Activated black charcoal removes blackheads to reveal radiant and glowing skin. Charcoal and oxygen combine in these masks to get rid of dirt and germs. They are also likely to strip away the natural oils from your skin and irritate it in the process.

2. Is charcoal face mask for blackheads effective?

A: The masks assist in unclogging pores and removing traces of oil, environmental pollutants, and dirt from your skin. It is especially effective for people with blackheads and acne as it reduces excess oil.

3. Do these blackhead removal masks actually work?

A: A blackhead is essentially a buildup of dead skin, oil, and bacteria. Some charcoal masks for blackheads have been proven to be effective.

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