5 Secrets About the Benefits of Steam Therapy You Never Knew

Updated on March 15th, 2019
steam therapy benefits

Do you have a super-clogged nose and you are finding it so hard to breathe that your mouth is helping you out? Are you the kind of person who avoids artificial medication and believes in simple natural remedies? Then you will be surprised to know that instead of spending vast amounts on artificial and synthetic products, you can explore many simple tricks from the surroundings be it nature or in our home. If your never-ending search needs a sure-shot solution, then this article is the best for you as we bring here the miraculous solution of Steam Therapy.

Steam has been in use from time immemorial, and this method has been the secret of beauty and elixir of life for Royalty from across the globe. Taking steam therapy is not only beneficial to clear congestion or heal many ailments but is also a terrific beautifying agent.

Are you still considering this as invaluable then, this article will help in enlightening you with some simple ways through which you can treat your medical and beauty problems with the help of steam therapy?

  1. Steam Therapy
  2. Amazing benefits
  3. Steam Therapy at your House
  4. Interesting variations
  5. How often should you take

All About the Steam Therapy

Do you think steam therapy can only get conducted in a health spa and salons? Well, it’s time for you to think again and look at the broader aspects of life. Like George Stephenson utilized steam for making a training run, steam therapy has been part of the medical and beauty world for ages.

The world of today is so engrossed in the artificial products and new expensive treatment that simple methods get hugely questioned loosing their worth in this technological era. But not anymore, as we tell you how to be friends again with the amazing power of steam to reap the potential benefits it can bring to your body.

Steam Therapy

What exactly is steam therapy?

Steam therapy is a process that involves the introduction of moist and warm air depending upon the temperature, in our body. It can be used both internal and external for unclogging the various blockages that take place in our body parts like nose, throat, skin pores, and many other areas. It gets practiced for the mere purpose of providing all these body parts with an opportunity to breath with ease and convenience, and this is known as steam therapy.

Why should you choose incredible steam therapy?

You might be busy in your daily schedules thinking that a hot shower at the end of the day is enough but no. Think again, as your body needs much more than that for rejuvenating itself to match with your fast-paced lifestyle. The steam therapy is an approach that can be adopted by people for improving their blood circulation and for an in-depth penetration of air during respiration.

The therapy of steam bathing is considered to be beneficial for the people way beyond relaxation. They can attain an attractive appearance with the utilization of steam therapy. It is a technique that gets used for facilitating your skin with the chance to breathe freely and helps in removing all the dirt that clogs the pores making the appearance of face dull.

The steam therapy is a process of opening the nasal passage and helps in providing relief from sinus too. The method of inhalation of water vapor helps in loosening the mucus that occurs in the nasal passages, lungs, and throat. Steam therapy also helps in curing the various symptoms like swollen blood vessels in the nasal area. It may not contribute to curing the problems like a cough and cold but helps in removing the congestion that happens because of these issues.

5 Amazing benefits of Steam Therapy you Never Knew

There are many benefits that you can attain by practicing simple steam therapy. Also, some of the advantages become visible only in one or two sittings of steam therapy. Certain of the benefits of steam therapy is –

  1. Respiration
  2. Skin Care
  3. Physical Wellness
  4. Well Being
  5. Holistic Health

1. Respiration

Steam Therapy for respiration
  • It helps in improving the breathing process by unclogging the nasal passages. Also, it provides relief from the various symptoms that occur due to the issue associated with allergies, infections, and viruses in the nasal passages.
  • The hot mist helps in promoting the sinus drainage.
  • It also helps in loosening the bronchial secretions.
  • The problems related to rough throats can get treated with steam therapy.

2. Skin Care

Skin Care steam therapy
  • It helps in deep cleansing the skin. The steam therapy helps in removing all the impurities and dust that accumulates in the skin.
  • It also helps in preventing skin problems that occur due to acne.
  • It helps in opening the skin pores and also helps in lubricating the skin.
  • The hydration of dry skin can also get conducted with steam therapy.
  • It is an exciting fact that steam showers help in making shaving more comfortable.
  • Waxing can be made easier by utilizing steam therapy as it will prepare the skin follicles.

3. Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness
  • The body’s blood circulation can be improved.
  • Helps in boosting the metabolism of the body.
  • It also helps in the rejuvenation process of tired muscles.
  • It helps in removing lactic acid that increases due to overworking the muscles.
  • And, it is a great way to burn calories without conducting any physical exercise.

4. Well Being

Well Being steam therapy
  • It is an excellent method for relieving stress.
  • It helps in relaxing the mind and the soul.
  • Helps in promoting deep and restful sleep. The duration of the REM cycles gets increased during sleep by taking steam therapy.
  • It also helps with the elevation of mood.

5. Holistic Health

  • Steam therapy is a great way to remove the toxins from the body.
  • It is an effective way to remove excess sodium from the body.
  • Works perfectly in the process of helping people to get relief from the pain and discomfort that an individual faces due to arthritis.
  • It also helps in reducing the amount of metabolic waste from the body.

How to take Steam Therapy at your House with ease?

In today’s world, one does not always have time to visit a spa or a sauna to get steam therapy. But currently, advancement in technology has helped in conducting steam therapy at home. Equipment like steam showers for residential premises can get easily installed at your home.

Also, this is a known fact that the combination of steam therapy with an herb, oil, and many different ingredients can provide a cure from many problems be it medical or beauty related. The different ways to utilize steam therapy for physical, mental, and for the overall well-being of a person, are as follow –

How to conduct steam inhalation at home?

For this treatment, you will need a large bowl, water, a kettle or can also use a pot, a stove or a microwave whatever is available, and some towel.


  • Firstly, boil the water.
  • The water should be steaming hot, so please be careful while handling the pot or the kettle.
  • Then pour the water into the bowl and from the back of your head drape the towel.
  • It is now time for you to lower your head towards the bowl and your head should be eight to ten inches away.
  • You have to conduct this process very carefully, and else you might burn yourself.
  • Do not make direct contact with the water.
  • Inhale as much steam you can, slowly and gradually for at least three to six minutes.

At any point, if you are feeling any discomfort, then it will be vital for you to remove the towel from your head and discontinue the therapy.

Duration and Alternatives

This simple and easy therapy should be conducted for one to two times a day when you are suffering from congestion in the nose and throat. You can also buy an electric steamer that will help in conducting the beauty therapies too. The electric steam should get used in the same manner, and the person should keep his head in the beaker for five minutes.

All the skin pores will loosen, and you can remove all the blackheads with the help of blackhead tweezers. They will come out very quickly in a single round of steam. Taking somebody’s help in the initial process can be a good idea.

Interesting variations for getting the most out of Steam Therapy

Some of the additional ingredients that can get utilized during this steam inhalation process are –

  • For treating problems associated with respiration

Add some peppermint, eucalyptus, pine, and cedar wood. All of these beneficial ingredients will help in improving respiration-related issues in a quicker and better manner. Also to unclog the nasal passage in a better way, you can use like peppermint, clove, ginger, myrrh, rosemary, benzoin to the steam inhaler.

  • Just for attaining more relaxation

Add ingredients like lemongrass, lavender, and chamomile in the steam inhaler. The fragrance of all these soothing ingredients will help in providing deep relaxation to the mind, body, and soul.

  • For rejuvenating the dry and oily skin

People who have dry skin should include fennel, rosemary, sea buckthorn, and peppermint and those with oily skin should utilize lavender, fennel, chamomile, lemongrass, and rosemary, for rejuvenating the skin.

How often should you take this Steam Therapy?

You should take certain precautions while conducting steam therapy –

  • Take a steam bath once a week for a healthy lifestyle. If suffering some problems and issues, then this therapy should be performed for three times a week.
  • You can take inhalation that gets conducted through a bowl or small electric steamer one to two times. You can consult a doctor if the intensity of the problems increases.
  • This therapy does not apply to kids as there is a considerable risk of scalding.
  • A person should not stay in a steam room for more than 15 minutes.

Steam therapy has many different benefits that you can attain easily in your comfortable homes too without the need to go to a salon, spa or a sauna especially. Also, the different ways that have been listed in the article highlight that be it the problems associated with physical, mental, holistic and any other, the simple plants, herbs, and oils are very helpful in curing the symptoms of severe issues like headaches, sinus, beauty related easily.

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