6 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Kidney Stone Removal

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
Apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

How often do you feel a sudden throbbing pain in your kidney area hampering your routine work on a daily basis? If the answer is a double-digit number, then it’s high time you consider that there is a probability that you may have kidney stones. Kidney stones have become a common problem nowadays. We get lost in the hustle and bustle of life that we often lose track of one of the most important things of our life, our body.

This article explores every aspect of kidney stones, its symptoms, and causes. The article focuses on one of the best remedies for the issue- Apple cider vinegar.  

    1. Kidney Stones: Symptoms and Causes
    2. Why to use ACV
    3. How to use ACV
    4. Side Effects
    5. Precautions

About apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a world-renowned home remedy for a variety of health issues that concern a majority of people. The acidic nature of the vinegar adds its credit to several benefits and efficiencies. One of the most talked about a utility that apple cider vinegar is its ability to dissolve kidney stones.  Read on further If you want to know how to dissolve kidney stones naturally

Let’s now understand what a kidney stone is?

Kidney stones(1) refer to accumulated masses of crystallized minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys and along the urinary tract as well. These solid structures usually develop when there is too much excretory waste and very little fluid in the kidneys. These stones vary in size and shape. They can be of any size varying from the size of a grain to as large as a ping pong ball. Kidney stones can develop in either of the kidneys or both of them sometimes.

Kidney stones that are small in size pass out of the body, most of the times unnoticed. However, if a large kidney stone travels down through a ureter, it causes a blockage that can cause severe pain.

There are two main types of kidney stones:

  • Calcium stones
  • Non-calcium stones like uric acid stones, cystine stones, etc

What are the leading causes of kidney stones?

Some common triggers of kidney stones formation include:

  • Inadequate amount of water intake
  • Lack of calcium
  • Ingestion of an excess of salt and sugar
  • Foods rich in oxalate like nuts, spinach, chocolate, etc
  • Excess of protein consumption
  • Family genetics or history of kidney stones in parents or grandparents
  • The inadequacy of citrate as it prevents the formation of stones build-up

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Kidney Stone Treatment

Small kidney stones usually do not have any noticeable symptoms. They easily drain out of your body through your urinary tract.

Potential symptoms of a large kidney stone include:

  • Pain in urine
  • Blood in urine
  • Throbbing pain in the back or lower abdomen
  • Nausea

Why Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones?

Apple cider vinegar is a potent solution which boasts of multiple health benefits. People often prefer to go for strong medications to get rid of kidney stones. Small kidney stones usually move out of the body on their own, so you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to them. The main concern arises if you happen to suffer from a large kidney stone. If you are suffering from severe pain, it is always advisable to reach out your doctor immediately.

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6 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar is So Apt for Kidney Stone Removal

Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones

Some of the benefits that apple cider vinegar has to remove kidney stones include:

  1. Apple cider vinegar contains substantial amounts of citric acid. This vital acid helps to soften the kidney stones. Softening of kidney stones helps to break them into smaller pieces which dissolve quickly. On reducing the size of the kidney stones, you can readily get rid of them as they will pass through urine easily.
  2. The strong acidic nature of the vinegar increases the acidic content in your stomach which in turn alkalizes blood and urine. It helps to prevent any new development of kidney stones also helps to improve digestion.
  3. This magical home remedy boasts of cleansing properties on the kidney and liver. It helps the body to release toxins and excess amounts of minerals which cause kidney stones.
  4. ACV helps to reduce pain and inflammation of kidney stones. Kidney stones often cause a sudden sharp pain to the sufferer which many times becomes unbearable to handle.
  5. It keeps you full for a longer time. The vinegar helps to avoid overeating and also keeps your waistline in control. It helps to keep obesity at bay which is an important cause of kidney stones.
  6. This vinegar helps to manage blood sugar levels of your body. It helps to reduce one of the most potent risk factors of kidney stones- diabetes.

How To Dissolve Kidney Stones With Apple Cider Vinegar?

  1. Honey and ACV
  2. Olive oil and ACV
  3. Baking soda and ACV
  4. Other ways
  5. ACV pills

Apple cider vinegar possesses a strong taste and smell which makes it hard to ingest. The easiest way to include apple cider vinegar in your diet is to drink it after diluting with water.

However, this traditional method is not suitable for some people as they fail to adjust with the pungent smelling vinegar smell. They are methods that make ingestion easier. These methods are easy to make and are also feasible. You can readily include them in your routine life and get rid of kidney stones.

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1. Honey and apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Honey And ACV for Kidney Stones

For people who avoid taking apple cider vinegar in its diluted form, they can add honey to the solution to enhance the taste and benefits.

How to use?


  • One tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • One tbsp of honey(2)


  • Mix one tbsp apple cider vinegar to a glass of water
  • To this add honey and stir well
  • Drink this solution for best results

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2.Olive oil and apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Olive Oil for kidney stones

How to use?


  • One to two tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Two ounces of lemon juice
  • Two ounces of olive oil


  • Mix the above ingredients well
  • Drink this concoction
  • Now drink a glass of water

3.Baking soda and apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

How to use?


  • Half a tbsp of baking soda(3)
  • Two tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • A glass of lukewarm water


  • Mix the above ingredients and stir well
  • Drink the solution

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4.Other ways to add apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Apart from the methods given above, you can also add apple cider vinegar in some different ways as well:

  • Salad dressings
  • Smoothies
  • Sauces and ketchup
  • Marinades
  • Mayonnaise

5.ACV pills

ACV Pills

Apple cider vinegar pills are for those who don’t want to go the conventional way. These pills are readily available in the market and are also not very expensive. You can rely on these apple cider vinegar pills for kidney stones and get away with them in no time. However, be cautious while using apple cider vinegar as the vinegar is highly acidic and can hamper your body in multiple ways. Hence it is advisable for you to consult a doctor before using apple cider vinegar. Be cautious about the dosage and quantity of the apple cider vinegar for kidney stones.

Side effects of using apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

  • Using apple cider vinegar for kidney stones excessively can wither-off the enamel coating of your teeth
  • It also hampers the stomach lining and walls of the esophagus

Precautions to follow while using apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

  • Use apple cider vinegar in small quantities
  • Always be considerate about the amount and dosage when taking apple cider vinegar
  • Pregnant women should always avoid using apple cider vinegar for kidney stones
  • Avoid using apple cider vinegar for kidney stones in kids

Apple cider vinegar is not amongst the scientifically proven remedies for kidney stones. However, it is amongst the most effective home remedies for kidney stones treatment. People use home remedies readily owing to their convenience and feasibility. Kidney stones are a mild condition if your stones are small. These stones become a problem when they are of the large variety. Always consult a doctor if the pain and inflammation of large kidney stones affect you.

This article empowers you with some of the best ways to employ apple cider vinegar for kidney stones. From the above list, you can choose your best way to get rid of kidney stones.  Adopt them in your life and get rid of that throbbing pain. ACV proves useful when combined with distinctive preventive measures. By following these precautions, you can assure yourself of higher chances of success.

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