How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Sugar Treatment at Your Home

Updated on December 17th, 2019
apple cider vinegar for blood sugar treatment

Hyperglycemia is perhaps the most annoying condition that a man can contract in his lifetime. He is compelled to forego desserts and sacrifice his leisure hours in the gym slogging away at weight lifting and cardio. Every ounce of happiness gets drowned in the efforts to keep the blood sugar in control.

Before you start bawling like a helpless baby over missing out on sweets and life. We have got a solution literally and figuratively called apple cider vinegar. Using the remedies can help you cut down on blood sugar level without having to cut down on the one thing that we all live for that is good food and decadent desserts.

No, it is not going to be a happy go lucky life for you but a little indulgence of the sweet tooth will no longer hurt with apple cider vinegar on your side. Read on to find out more about how to combat diabetes by the application of apple cider vinegar

About apple cider vinegar and blood sugar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing fresh green apples and then adding yeast to the crushed mess before subjecting it to the bacterial fermentation to prepare a cloudy and brownish liquid. The vinegar is not only a favorite condiment in the culinary scene but is also vested with incredible health benefits.

It is of utmost importance to use raw, unpasteurized, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar(1) for the preparation of home remedies for the natural treatment of high blood sugar. It is because raw and pure apple cider vinegar is rich in proteins, pectin, and a host of essential enzymes and vitamins. Now, before we move further, it is also imperative to know what exactly blood sugar or diabetes is.

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that occurs due to the deficiency in secretion of insulin by the Islets of Langerhans present in the pancreas. Alternatively, the inability of the body cells to respond or use the secreted insulin properly is also a type of diabetes. Of the three types of diabetes, type II of diabetes is the most common across the globe. The risk factors associated with type II diabetes include genetics, the excess gain in body weight or obesity, lack of physical exercise, increase in the level of bad cholesterol, increase in blood pressure, aging, hormonal imbalance, and excess consumption of sugar and carbohydrates.

Type II diabetes manifests in the form of increased frequency of urination, constant thirst, increased hunger, excess gain or loss in weight, fatigue, delayed recovery of cuts and injuries, irritability, and gradual degradation of the physiological systems.

The administration of the home remedies prepared by using apple cider vinegar can address the symptoms of diabetes and help control the glucose level in the blood.

Why Should You Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Diabetes?

Apple cider vinegar is incredibly useful for the natural treatment of diabetes. It works on the symptoms and signs of diabetes and helps in the natural declination of blood sugar level.

The significant reasons that make ACV an excellent natural remedy for diabetes are as given below:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Aids In The Improvement Of Insulin Sensitivity

improvement of insulin sensitivity

The consumption of 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis can contribute to the stabilization of the level of blood sugar and improve the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. Apple cider vinegar drinks can also induce the Islets of Langerhans cells of the pancreas to increase the secretion of insulin. It helps in combating diabetes by the rapid disintegration of the glucose in the blood into physical energy. This medical benefit of apple cider vinegar owes to its content of chromium and acetic acid, the combination of which works wonders for the natural treatment of diabetes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Aids In The Prevention Of Diabetes


Apple cider vinegar has a lot of probiotics or healthy bacteria that play a crucial role in the process of digestion. Drinking apple cider vinegar helps in increasing the level of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. It has been revealed by extensive medical research that the presence and flourish of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract is excellent for the prevention and cure of diabetes. It implies that the consumption of apple cider vinegar is useful for the prevention and treatment of high blood sugar levels(2).

Apple Cider Vinegar; The Solution to All Your Problems

Best DIY Recipes Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Sugar

1. How To Use Powdered Cinnamon And Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Sugar Cure At Home?

Cinnamon for blood sugar

Cinnamon is a very useful spice when we talk about maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body and its amalgamation with apple cider vinegar for blood sugar makes the remedy even more fantastic.

How to use?

  • Pour a cup of water into a saucepan and boil it on a low flame. Let it boil for a few minutes.
  • Take the saucepan off the flame and let the water simmer down in 2-3 minutes.
  • Grind a few sticks of cinnamon into a fine powder and then add the powder to the hot water whilst gentle stirring until you obtain a clear solution.
  • Let the solution steep for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Strain out the apple cider vinegar and cinnamon infusion into a mug and have it twice a day for the cure of high blood sugar.

Benefits Of Using Powdered Cinnamon And Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Sugar

Cinnamon powder(3) possesses potent bioactive compounds that work to decrease the level of glucose in the blood by actively stimulating insulin.

It has been proven by extensive clinical trial and research that a decoction of cinnamon powder and apple cider vinegar is especially useful for the natural treatment and regulation of fluctuations in blood sugar level.

2. How To Use Lemon Juice And Unfiltered And Raw Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Sugar?

lemon and acv

The consumption of a drink of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is an incredible use of apple cider vinegar for lowering blood sugar at home.

How to use?

  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of freshly extracted lemon juice to 2-3 tablespoons of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar to make a paste.
  • Add the mixture to a cup of distilled water whilst gently stirring to prepare a solution.
  • Drink the solution on an empty stomach every morning and after every meal especially if the meal is heavy.
  • Follow the home remedy twice a day on a daily basis for the natural treatment of blood sugar.

Benefits Of Using Lemon Juice And Raw And Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Sugar

The combination of lemon juice and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is an excellent use of apple cider vinegar for blood sugar. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C that acts as a potent antioxidant. The antioxidant neutralizes the toxic free radicals to provide protection against diabetes caused by oxidative stress. The mixture of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is marvelous for the natural treatment of blood sugar.

A word of caution

  • Do not take powdered cinnamon in excess as it might trigger liver toxicity. Make sure that your digestive system is not sensitive to apple cider vinegar.
  • Do not consume apple cider vinegar in excess or in undiluted form as it might cause acid reflux.
  • Consult a physician before adopting these home remedies if you are pregnant.

Follow through with these natural remedies prepared by using apple cider vinegar for the natural treatment of blood sugar or diabetes. Start to exercise regularly and stick to a balanced diet. Start implementing these home remedies for diabetes right from today to cure blood sugar and lead a healthy and hearty life.

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